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Teaching in the 21st Century: How to Learn in the 21st Century from Sept 2009 ASCDdyamical-temp.jpg. Understanding Digital Kids by Ian Jukes Closing the Digital Divide by Ian Jukes A Vision of Students Today

- from the university students' perspective - video

The Top 10 Great Things Technology Leaders Do - link to this article.

Developing TPACK: Teacher's Technology Integration Knowledge in Action
**TPACK video** TPACK is the "total package" of professional knowledge needed for successful curriculum-based technology integration. Discover how to develop this complex, situated, and specialized-yet very practical-knowledge. - Judi Harris, College of William & Mary with Mark Hofer (NECC June 2009). One hour video plus paper reflecting on What Are Activity Types?.

Thinking Creatively: Teachers as Designers of Technology, Pedagogy and Content (TPACK)
Phenomenal Keynote video
In this interactive presentation we will explore the meaning of creativity, particularly in contexts relevant to teaching and learning. We shall also explore strategies for improving technology integration through nurturing and supporting teacher creativity. - Punya Mishra & Matthew J. Koehler (AACE 2008).

Best Practices For Administrators: Supporting Teachers in Adopting Technology
Here is the powerpoint presentation from Kim Peacock from the University of Alberta who spoke with the 21st Century Learners PLC on Wednesday, April 15, 2009.

The information from this point is from the Distributed Learning Symposium 2009. Powerpoint slide shows are attached for each of the Symposium sessions. A set of personal notes from the Symposium are included at the end. Please feel free to add.

Integrating School Based Technology for Personalized Learning
Creating and executing a plan that will effectively integrate these technologies into your current program, school administrators will learn strategies for planning, assessment, PD and reporting. A step-by-step of considerations for the comprehensive integration of technology based teaching.

Equipping the 21st Century Learner with 21st Century Tools
If teachers are to prepare their students to enter a workplace in which their future jobs do not currently exist, teacher practice needs to reflect a 21st century shift. This session will define the 'what', 'why', and 'how' of 21st century tools and literacies. This was a good session on pedagogy.

Engagement in the "Click and Mortar" School - Technology Mediated Learning
Online and traditional teachers collaborate to provide students with access to courses using various technological means. Placing technology in the hands of the students provides them with the opportunity to progress at their own rate while increasing engagement and ownership of their own learning. There was discussion about the constructivist approach. Teachers from Peace Wapiti and PAVE (Peace Academy of Virtual Education) presented.

Personalizing Professional Learning in the Calgary Board of Education
A look at distributed learning opportunities and strategies for professional learning within the CBE through a review of online courses, webinars, e-portfolios, and PLCs. We are invited to view their e-PD opportunities.

Using Distributed Learning to Support 21st Century Learners
Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools has established four iLearn Centers in its high schools to increase student retention, etc. There is a synopsis of instructivism vs constructivism and information on 'netgen' students.

Addressing Student Learning Online - A Process of Development
Student learning needs have driven the necessity to develop a distributed learning strategy that includes online learning. This session was a summary of the experience of Calgary Catholic collaborating with Edmonton and Red Deer Catholic to create an online Religious Studies 35 course including sharing of the process and key learnings.

Distributed Learning Symposium Notes -

alltop.com - Guy Kawasaki was the final keynote presenter and is a co-founder of alltop.com which is a net news sorting service. This link will take you to the education news compilation. And holy smokes! There's tons! Lots of American stuff though.