What is Animoto EDU?

Animoto is an award-winning computer application designed to generate a trailer-like video clip from your selected photos, videos and music. Animoto for education encourages educators to use this video creation tool in teaching students. The education community can now enjoy all-access features of Animoto, including full-length DVD quality videos, 1000+ licensed music, ability to import photos from Photobucket, Picassa, Flickr and other photo sites, ability to download finished videos, and the ability to embed videos into YouTube accounts, blogs and other websites

Reasons for use

In the classroom, teachers can use this tool in creating an Animoto video for lecture purposes or introducing a topic/unit, while students can use this to create projects, group work and presentations.

Since the Animoto interface is easy to understand, teachers can quickly create professional-looking digital content even with busy schedules. Teachers can download the finished video and play it on a DVD, or embed videos on a class website. Students will enjoy creating their own digital stories and be able to finish one presentation in a single computer class. Animoto for education is perfect for all types of subjects, including music, math, science, history, literature and even complex subjects that students may find boring without fun elements integrated into the lesson.

Ease of use

Animoto is a web-based application, students can begin working on a video project in school and continue the clip at home. Animoto for education is completely free for teachers and their students, but the teacher must register through the website to receive an educator’s pass. However, be aware that children under 13 years old cannot sign up for their own Animoto accounts, but teachers can create accounts for them. You’ll receive a code your students can use to create their accounts.



Planets Animoto example for Science