My Name is E- Share business cards phone to phone or through e-mail with 3 taps. Add notes to newly received cards and view social networking information.
Bump- Share business cards phone to phone, even Android to iPhone, by bumping the phones together. Share contacts info, pictures, calendar events, and connect on social networks.


Evernote- Create text, photo and audio notes that auto-synchronize your notes to your Mac or PC. Makes text within snapshots searchable. Add, sync, access, and share files (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, and more) among the different versions of Evernote. Free version available on iPhone, iPod, Android, and Blackberry.
Posterous- Although Posterous is the easiest way to blog, it can also be used to effectively collect notes to publish immediately on a blog without any registration. Include a mix of text, photos, and videos as well as tags and location information. Share immediately on Facebook and Twitter!
Mindblowing- Gather audio, video and photos into a colorized mindmap. Enter the main topic, title, or theme in the main node then create branches with images, audio, or video attached. Send the mindmap with the attachments through email.
Google Docs


Mighty Meeting- Manage a library of PowerPoint presentations directly from your smartphone or tablet and share them via email, blog, Twitter, or Facebook.
iClicker Lite- The paid version offers more but try out the free version. Use your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad as your PowerPoint remote clicker to view slides and slide notes as you present.
Adobe Connect- Are you presenting a webinar on Adobe Connect? Have your audience access it through a free app supported by iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android.
FuzeMeeting/ Fuze Meeting HD for iPad- The free app allows your audience to see your slides and chat with others. Features include instant web conferences, live desktop sharing of files (supports Word, PPT, PDF, and others), and start meetings immediately with access to your address and personal IM contacts from multiple networks like Gmail, LinkedIn, Yahoo and more.
Prezi for the iPad- Free but still has some problems and only seems to work on 4G. You should be able to create, edit, and present your Prezi presentations.
MobileMouse - $2.99, turns your iPad into a wireless remote and trackpad for your computer.
Teamviewer - easy fast access to remote desktop, no sound though.
AirSketch - turn your iPad into a wireless whiteboard ($7.99), also a free version available.
DisplayPad - $4.99, turn your iPad into a second desktop display (Mac only?).
PogoSketch - $14.95, use a metal rubber tipped pen to sketch directly on the iPad.


DropBox- Get 2 GB of storage for free to upload photos, videos, documents, presentations, and audio. You can make these private or public. Save photos and videos taken with your phone’s camera, share and send files via email, or copy and paste links to share with another app. Export files to other apps and favorite them for offline viewing. Also Dropbox has a number of apps it supports for the iPad.
IBooks- Access conference pdf programs, transportation maps, and other documents offline with this free app! There are scrolling features, zoom, bookmarking and more.


Ustream Broadcaster- This free app allows you to livestream. You can even tweet and chat while livestreaming the event.
Ustream Viewer- This app simply allows you to watch Ustreamed events.