Unless stated, all apps are free to download.

Language Arts

A Story Before Bed - personalized children's stories. Must set up through internet/webcam as well.
ABC Match – matching the alphabet through look and sound.
ABCpaint Lite – paint letters.
ABC Phonics Word Sight
Animated Rhymes 3 - $0.99
Big Words - display text in large font.
· Blanks – learn new English words through definitions and 4 answer choices.
· BookShelfLT – carry up to 10 books at one time.
BrainPop Featured Movie - learn something each day.
Comic Touch Lite - add text bubbles to pictures.
· Dictionary.com – dictionary and thesaurus together.
· eReader – read NYTimes best-selling ebooks. Can customize look.
· Fairy Tales by HC Andersen – 132 fairy tales.
Flashcards Deluxe - $3.99
Fotobabble - add voice to photos
Grammar Dragon - re-arrange sentence structure.
· ICDL Books for Children – worldwide collection of children’s books.
· iFlash – flash card stacks for any topic.
· iThesaurus
· Kindle for iPhone
Learn Sight Words - $0.99 - over 300 Dolch sight words.
· Pocket Phonics Lite – 6 letter sounds, tracing, word games.
Same Sound Spell Bound - homophones.
· Sight Words Free – high frequency words.
· Spel It Rite – train your ability to recognize misspelled words.
· Spell it 2-3-4-5 Lite – how to spell 2-5 letter words.
· Stanza
StarFall - $2.99 - based on the internet version
StoryKit - create an electronic storybook.
Storyrobe - create digital stories using video and images from your image library.
The Three Little PIgs HD
Timed Reading Practice - $1.99 - 250+ fiction and non-fiction short stories using the Flesh-Kincaid reading levels 0.0 – 4.7. You can use this app to track one or more of your children’s reading fluency based on words read per minute. The app then calculates their percentage above or below the average reading level and provides recommendations for helping to improve their scores.
· Word Families free – over 635 vocabulary words.
Word Magic
· Word Scramble – word game with rewards.
Word Web - dictionary and thesaurus.


Ace Kids Math Games
ArithmeTick Lite – math flash card game.
Basic Math – drill and practice +, -, x, /
Brain Thaw Lite – improve mental math by being Newton, a clever penguin who snacks on digits.
Cloud Math Free - + and -
Computer Carl - random problem generator for + and -.
Equation Creator - use different modes to complete +, -, x, /
eSolver HD - solve quadratic equations
FlashMath - $1.99 - +, -, X, / for K-4 students.
Fraction Factory - place fractions in proper area of a number line.
Freddy Fraction - use fractions, decimals and percentages to lead Freddy the Alien back home!
Free Graphic Calculator
iFactor Quadratics
iMaiMath - $1.99 – basic Math skill development.
iMaiMathsBrain - timed math facts practice
Kids Math Fun -- Third Grade - math facts practice
Lemonade Tycoon Free – run a lemonade empire. Choose locale, recipes, advertising, staff and weather.
Math Bingo - $0.99
Math Drills Lite - +, -, x, /. Use of number lines, blocks, facts and hints to complete problems.
Math Kingdom - $0.99 - save the kidnapped Princess and stolen royal treasures while problem solving.
Math Match Lite – addition questions and rewarded with cute animal pics/fortune.
Math Ninja - +, -, x, /, and more advanced problem solving. Ages 6-12.
Math Quizzer – boost +, -, x, / skills.
Math Step123 - $0.99 - +, -, x, /, coins, patterns
MotionMath - $0.99 - all about fractions!
miTables Lite – multiplication tables within flash cards.
Number Line
Peg Jump – virtual wooden puzzle game.
Pop Math Lite – addition. Pop bubbles to match facts together.
Ruler - $0.99
Soduko Daily Free – different skill levels.
TapeMeasure! – in metric and imperial measurements.
Tell Time LT – three different clock faces are displayed with time spoken aloud and students choose correct clock face. Can choose either analog or digital faces.
To Roman Converter – convert arabic numerals to roman numerals and vice versa.
123’s Free – count to 10, listen to each number while viewing it on the screen.


Convert Units for Free – convert area, currency, energy, temperature, length, weight, speed, pressure, power, volume and data storage.
Molecules - manipulate three dimensional molecule structures
NASA app
Pet Earth Lite
Planets – identify planets in the sky and predict when a planet will be visible.
PVme My Solar Energy – transforms the iPod Touch into a solar power calculator that estimates solar PV system wattage size needed to lower an electric bill based on KwH and location.
Stars – displays 88 constellations. Touch the screen to watch it move. A handheld planetarium! ·
Weather Bug – real-time weather info.
3D Sun
3D Brain

Social Studies


· All the Countries – detailed factual info.
· Compass Free – indicates the cardinal points under sunlight. Put your finger in the middle and line it’s shadow up with the app’s shading.
· Google Earth – same imagery as desktop version, tilt to adjust view and browse pics.
· Google Earth Blog – sharing news, interesting sights, technology and happenings.
· GPS Tracker – track iPod with Google Maps and even record tracks for later analysis.
· World Countries – factbook, 260 countries/territories, maps, flags, quizzes.

Health and DPA

· Epicurious – recipes, photos instructions, create shopping lists.
· iStep Counter Lite – counts steps, calories burnt and distance.
· First Aid – CPR, bleeding, burns, choking and poisons.

Second Languages

· 53 Languages – translation, text to speech, pronunciation.
· Free translator – uses Google translate API for Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Vietnamese.
· Translation Widget – uses Google Translate.


· Art Lite – fact book, quiz game.
· iDoodle2 Lite – drawing app, array of colors, replay drawing and ability to save to photo library.
· Art Picture Gallery Lite – art gallery game.


· Bebot Robot Synth - $1.99 – musical synthesizer with multitouch control.
· BPM – displays the tempo.
· Church Organ
· FingersTune Lite Ocarina – virtual musical instrument with four buttons.
· Synth Pond Lite – create and place sounds on a grid and then manipulate them.

Assistive Tech

* Dragon Dictation
* Pocket Picture Planner HD - a visual calendar
· ShoutOUT – text to speech
· Speak it! - $1.99 – text to speech
· TextToSpeech - $0.99
* iSign3D - $1.99
(Apps for Fine and Visual-Motor development)
* Pocketphonics - $2.99
* iBuild ABCs - $0.99
* iWrite - $4.99
* Fingersketch
* Paint Sparkles
* Dexteria - $4.99
* Handpaint
* Scribble Kid
* Cookiedoodle - $0.99
* Build it up - $0.99


Animoto Video – transform photos on iPod Touch into music videos.
· BlogWriter Lite – blog to Blogger, WordPress and Metablog sites.
· Documents Free – allows students to edit and manage spreadsheets, text files anc syncs with Google Docs.
· Evernote – text, audio, and photo notes.
· Google Mobile App – fastest way to search Google through voice, suggestions, etc.
· iSpreadsheet Free – edit spreadsheets with Google Docs integration.
· myHomework – keep track of homework, classes, projects and tests.
· Response Ware – respond to interactive Turning Point polling questions.
· Skype – free calls and IM to anyone on Skype.
Sundry Notes
· Whiteboard Lite: collaboration – collaborative drawing tools, allows 2 iPod Touches to create illustrations together.

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