Unless stated, all apps are free to download.

Language Arts

Audiobook – $0.99 - Treasure Island
Blanks – learn new English words through definitions and 4 answer choices.
BookShelfLT – carry up to 10 books at one time.
Dictionary.com – dictionary and thesaurus together.
eReader – read NYTimes best-selling ebooks. Can customize look.
Fairy Tales by HC Andersen – 132 fairy tales.
ICDL Books for Children – worldwide collection of children’s books.
Idiom Dictionary - $1.99
Kindle for iPhone
Sight Words Free – high frequency words.
Spel It Rite – train your ability to recognize misspelled words.
Word Scramble – word game with rewards.


AFactor Tree – coaching calculator and guide to prime factorization. Find Lowest Common Multiple, Greatest Common Divisor or Greatest Common Factor
Calc Lite – excel spreadsheets (budgeting).
Mathematics Lite – statistics, geometry, number sense, algebra etc.
miTables Lite – multiplication tables within flash cards.
Quick Graph – plot equations with up to 3 displayed at one time. Also houses a library of common equations.
Soduko Daily Free – different skill levels.
TanZen Lite – tangram puzzles.
TapeMeasure! – in metric and imperial measurements.
To Roman Converter – convert arabic numerals to roman numerals and vice versa.


Convert Units for Free – convert area, currency, energy, temperature, length, weight, speed, pressure, power, volume and data storage.
EMD PTE - A highly interactive periodic table of elements.
Formul8 - $0.99 – over 200 formulas for Algebra, Geometry, Calculus Science and Chemistry.
GoSkyWatch Planetarium - Easily and quickly identify and locate stars, planets, constellations and more with a touch or by simply pointing to the sky.
Mild EleMints: Free Periodic Table – table, plot graph, element listing, electron diagram, etc.
Molecules - View and manipulate 3D renderings of molecules.
NASA app
Planets – identify planets in the sky and predict when a planet will be visible.
Prism Lite – puzzle game.
PVme My Solar Energy – transforms the iPod Touch into a solar power calculator that estimates solar PV system wattage size needed to lower an electric bill based on KwH and location.
Science Glossary - an extensive glossary of scientific terms and biographies.
Science Vocabulary - ages 8-11 with Physical, Life and Earth Science.
Stars – displays 88 constellations. Touch the screen to watch it move. A handheld planetarium!
HD Solar System - $0.99 - Highly graphic encyclopedia that has detailed and comprehensive information about the solar system.
3D Brain - Rotate and zoom around 29 interactive structures in the brain.
3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool - Learn about the cell and its structures in a 3D tool.
Units - convert area, currency, energy, temperature, length, weight, speed, pressure, power, volume and data storage.
Weather Bug – real-time weather info.

Social Studies


All the Countries – detailed factual info.
Compass Free – indicates the cardinal points under sunlight. Put your finger in the middle and line it’s shadow up with the app’s shading.
Google Earth – same imagery as desktop version, tilt to adjust view and browse pics.
Google Earth Blog – sharing news, interesting sights, technology and happenings.
GPS Tracker – track iPod with Google Maps and even record tracks for later analysis.
World Countries – factbook, 260 countries/territories, maps, flags, quizzes.


History Maps of the World – 20 historical maps.
Today in History Lite – notable events, entries have Wikipedia links.

Health and DPA

Epicurious – recipes, photos instructions, create shopping lists.
iStep Counter Lite – counts steps, calories burnt and distance.
First Aid – CPR, bleeding, burns, choking and poisons.

Second Languages

53 Languages – translation, text to speech, pronunciation.
Free translator – uses Google translate API for Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Vietnamese.
Translation Widget – uses Google Translate.


Art Lite – fact book, quiz game.
iDoodle2 Lite – drawing app, array of colors, replay drawing and ability to save to photo library.
Art Picture Gallery Lite – art gallery game.
Smudge - Finger painting app


Bebot Robot Synth - $1.99 – musical synthesizer with multitouch control.
BPM – displays the tempo.
Church Organ
FingersTune Lite Ocarina – virtual musical instrument with four buttons.
Synth Pond Lite – create and place sounds on a grid and then manipulate them.

Assistive Tech

Dragon Dictation
ShoutOUT – text to speech
Speak it! - $1.99 – text to speech
TextToSpeech - $0.99


Animoto Video – transform photos on iPod Touch into music videos.
BlogWriter Lite – blog to Blogger, WordPress and Metablog sites.
Documents Free – allows students to edit and manage spreadsheets, text files anc syncs with Google Docs.
Dropbox Apps
Evernote – text, audio, and photo notes.
GoDocs iPad/iPhone (Google Docs™ support) - $2.99 - View, edit, share, and download Google Docs
Google Mobile App – fastest way to search Google through voice, suggestions, etc.
iPrompt – tele-prompter.
iSpreadsheet Free – edit spreadsheets with Google Docs integration.
myHomework – keep track of homework, classes, projects and tests.
Response Ware – respond to interactive Turning Point polling questions.
Skype – free calls and IM to anyone on Skype.
Whiteboard Lite: collaboration – collaborative drawing tools, allows 2 iPod Touches to create illustrations together.

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