Early Years

Animals Trivia - $0.99
Finger Magic
KidsABC - $0.99
Kids Addition
Learn to Read - $0.99
Let's Play with Words/Jouons avec les Mots! - French - $0.99
Little Red Riding Hood - Brothers Grimm
Math Flashcards - $0.99
Math Quiz - $0.99
Minute Math
Moo Math Lite
mPustak Math Divide
mPustak Math Multiply
My Counting Book
TVOKids Flower Frenzy
TVOKids Polka Dot Shorts

Middle Years

English French Dictionary - $2.99
Fine Arts Trivia Pack - $0.99 (expansion pack)
French Word Spelling - novice
French Word Spelling - difficult
Guitar Trainer Demo
Math Calc
nElements - Period Table
Science Trivia Pack - $0.99 (expansion pack)

High School

American Health Journal
Canadian Museum of Civilization
Chem Lab Partner - $3.99
Chemistry Handbook
Graph it
Mathscard A-Level
Scientific Method
Timetable - $0.99


BeeTagg QR Reader
Blackberry Podcasts
Contact Capture
Daily Quote
Dictionary and Thesaurus
Dragon Dictation for Email
HoneyDew Todo List
iVoice Note - $2.99
Lecture Notes - $1.99
Quick Search with Google
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - $4.99
Shopper - Shopping List - works on computer and various smartphones
Smart Shopping List Lite

BlackBerry PlayBook

Preparation/Management Resources:
* Clock native app - basic, stopwatch, and timer.
* Voicenotes - audio notes on the go!
* WordToGo - an original app that comes with the PlayBook. Great note taker.
* Bluebox (dropbox) - if you use Dropbox on your other devices, Bluebox syncs files on the PlayBook.
* Evernote - useful if you are already familiar with this app that culls your notes, ideas, pictures, audio.
* QR Scanner - take a picture of existing QR codes to get to the information tied to them
* GroovyNotes - a paid app that I just started to look at which records, manages notes, keeps lists, tracks plans, saves messages. Works like a digital agenda/notebook.

* There are a variety of news apps like News360, The Edm Journal, Globe News, CBC News.
* Quotes - Zen sayings and 3001 wisdom quotes HD free
*Poynt will find businesses, retailers, people, restaurants, movies, events, and weather information using GPS.

The apps below are separated into subject specific areas, but can certainly be used in any content area. A majority of these apps are free.
Math - there are a number of apps from K-12 that can be utilized.
* CheatSheet - formulas for algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus
* EduTube - Khan academy videos
* Pythagorean Theorem - input values
* Minute Math - easy to hard questions in +,-,x,/ that you can answer in one minute
* Mathoku lite - levels easy to nasty. Need to remember order of operations.
* MathFlash - five levels, four operations.
* Randomize That - using either dice, cards, coins or numbers.

Music - various musical instruments invite students to explore sounds and make original compositions.
* Piano
* Playbox
* Slacker Radio
* Steppy Step Sequencer
* VEVO - music videos
* Xylopohone
* ZZing

Language Arts - from reference to reading to writing, these apps work alright!
* Dictionary and Thesaurus for Blackberry PlayBook
* Drawing Board - quick draw and save as .jpeg
* ebooks by Kobo
* Flickr explore browser
* Learn to Write - how to write the alphabet
* My Travel Diary
* Reader’s Digest - mix of tips, trends and interesting reads
* Scrapbook - create from wallpapers, pics, stickers to save and/or share
* StoryMasher free - fill in the blank stories that are mashed up
* The Ant and the Grasshopper and The Greedy Fisherman - stories narrated in own voice
* The Little Bun - russian folk tale
* thinkMAP - brainstorming, mindmapping
* Word O’The Day

Social Studies
* NFB films - 2000 free movies to watch with documentaries, animations and feature films.
* QuizIt - input content info and get quizzed.
* TVOKids My Canada (ages 6-11) - Canadian geography.

* Periodical - periodic table of elements complete with symbols and atomic numbers.
* Save the Last Drop - water scarcity game and information.
* WeatherEye HD - local weather and alerts with ability to track multiple cities at one time.
* Wiring Diagrams - common diagrams and quick reference guide.

* iSpeech translator - speak and translate any words/phrases included email or text in multiple languages

Just for Fun
* Aquarium! - no need to clean or replace filters!
* Best Tic Tac Toe HD free
* Flashlight
* Flipclock - like the originals
* Galaxy Painting - create colorful graphics, save as .jpg
* Wallpapers by Gelaskins
* Hangman - classic
* LED scroller - type in a message and it scrolls across the screen
* Need for Speed - car game
* Shared Board.net - collaborative whiteboard
* Spot the Differences - find the 5 different elements between the 2 images within a time limit
* Tetris - fun

BlackBerry Support

BB 101 Demos - online video demos for various BB's