What is Bubbl.us?

  • Free online tool to create concept maps (brainstorming tool/idea webs/graphic organizer)
  • Links ideas through the use of colorful boxes and lines/arrows
  • Easy to save, print, or share online

Reasons for Use

  • Idea Webs for papers, projects, or stories
  • List ideas in a hierarchy or logical order (steps to solving math problems, steps in a computer program design, steps of a scientific process)
  • Use it as a whole-class brainstorming session for a variety of topics including intro brainstorming of knowledge for the beginning of a unit (shown on a whiteboard or interact on SMART Board)
  • Create flow charts

Ease of Use

  • Easy way to create concept maps
  • Easy to share (teacher to student, student to teacher, or student to student)
  • Able to create one account for all of your students to share or you can have each individual student create their own account
  • Free and easy to use!


Creating your account

    • Go to www.bubbl.us
    • Select Create an account
    • Create your account following the steps provided on the site

Getting started with bubbl.us

    • A New Sheet will appear when you first log on
    • Save your new sheet with a unique (and appropriate name) -- I always stress this to my students so they don't lose their work
    • Label your first central bubble with the main topic of your web
    • Add children or sibling bubbles (as needed)


    • If you want to delete a bubble, hover over the bubble and select the X in the upper right-hand corner
    • If you want to change the color of the bubble, hover over the bubble and select the color chart in the bottom left-hand corner
    • If you want to move a bubble, hover over the bubble and select the upper right-hand corner, then drag and move to the location you desire
    • If you want to create a directional line, hover over the bubble and then select the button in the bottom right-hand corner, then drag the line to the bubble you wish to connect with
    • If two boxes get unlinked, you just drag the one bubble over top the other bubble and they will re-connect
    • If you want to remove a line connection, hover over the line and then select the X to remove it


    • To move around the page, you can use the zoom tools on the left side of the screen or drag in an area where there are no bubbles
    • Be sure to save frequently
    • To share and/or collaborate, just select those buttons in the upper right-hand corner (if your friend is not using bubbl.us at the time, it will send them an email and then they can join)

Helpful video about bubbl.us



  • Students create a brainstorming map for a research paper
  • Students can also create their own accounts and then share and/or collaborate with whom ever
  • Communication and Productivity
    • Brainstorm group project assignments and discussion
    • Create timeline for group project management
    • Can be used as a pre- and post- topic assessment tool; create mindmap showing what students know before the lesson and one showing what they have learned
    Language Arts
    • Mind map a book chapter or entire book instead of outlining in the traditional sense.
    • Vocabulary lesson can be used with this.
    • Create word webs to share with classmates who may have related words
    • Introduce note-taking strategies to analyze literature
    • Solve equations by different methods
    • Flow-chart style mapping of problem solving strategies.
    • Science Processes such as Precipitation Cycle can be illustrated.
    • (Add more ideas here.)
    Social Studies
    • Individual student can reflect lesson learned for a specific subject.
    • Students can make a family tree when studying family heritage
    • Students (individually or in groups) can make a timeline for a specific historical period or event