What is Edmodo?

Edmodo is a micro-blogging tool specific to classroom use. It is a closed system so that teachers and students can communicate, share links and documents in a safe environment. Teachers can post assignments and students can turn them in on the site. They are in beta testing for an "etherpad" type collaborative writing application in Edmodo.

Reasons for Use

  • Because it is a closed system, it is safe for use with young students.
  • Customer Service - Owner/Creator is easily accessible on twitter and in Edmodo to answer questions.
  • Teacher sees everything the students do so there is no possibility of backchannel between students.
  • Teachers can reset student's password
  • No email required for students to use.
  • No age limit for use.
  • Three ways to receive notifications from Edmodo: email, text message, twitter
  • Allows students to turn in assignments online
  • Ability to make assignments, links, etc, public
  • Teachers can connect in Edmodo

Ease of Use

  • Great way to create a paperless classroom
  • Can be used as an in class backchannel
  • Allows for student polling
  • Teachers can have evening help hours
  • Students can keep in close contact with class and teacher if out of school


Edmodo Documentation Guide
Edmodo Blog
Sample Letters:


  • While showing a movie in class, have students use Edmodo as a backchannel to post observations, questions, and enhance discussion.
  • Have students answer a teacher-created poll in Edmodo during a discussion to check for understanding.
  • Have students post their work and then critique each other's projects.
  • If you set the activity as an assignment, the system allows you to grade the projects and give the student feedback.