What is Facebook?

It is a social networking site where people share their thoughts, their actions, images, and video clips.

Reasons for Use in Education

100 ways you should be using Facebook in your classroom. Great apps, resources, examples.

Ease of Use

Easy to set up a separate classroom account for both teachers and students.


How to Teach a Class Using Facebook
Drive Belonging and Engagement in the Classroom Using Facebook - great examples and good walk through as to how to set up a Facebook course.

Facebook Apps for Education

For Students

These tools are great for making easy work of studying, research, and more.
  1. Books iRead: Share the books you're reading, and see what others think of books with this application.
  2. DoResearch4me: This app makes it easy to gather information using your thesis statement, instructions, and more.
  3. Flashcards: With this application, you can create flash cards to help you study on Facebook.
  4. Wikiseek Search: Use this research tool to find Wikipedia articles and more through Facebook.
  5. JSTOR Search: Find full text research articles on Facebook with this application.
  6. Notely: Organize your school life with Notely, an app that helps you wrangle your calendar, notes, assignments, and more.
  7. Study Groups: Get everyone together on your group project by collaborating with this application.
  8. Get Homework Help: This application will get you connected with tutors and other students that can help you with your assignments.
  9. Notecentric: Take notes right inside of Facebook and share them with classmates using this application.
  10. Class Notes: Use this application to find scanned notes for your classes on Facebook.

For Teachers and Administrators

Share assignments, slides, and so much more with these applications.
  1. BookTag: This app offers a great way to share and loan books out to students, plus create helpful quizzes for studying.
  2. Webinaria Screencast Recorder: Record a video for students, and share it with this application.
  3. Mathematical Formulas: Distribute formulas, solutions, and more with this application.
  4. SlideShare: Create presentations to send to students with this slideshow application.

For Everyone

These apps are great for just about anyone
  1. Calendar: This calendar app from 30 Boxes lets you organize your days, set reminders and share your calendar with others.
  2. To-Do List: Stay on top of your tasks with this Facebook to-do application.
  3. Zoho Online Office: With this office application, you can keep all of your documents online, and even share them with classmates, students, and colleagues.
  4. Courses: Courses offers loads of functionality for online education, with features that let you add your courses, post announcements and assignments, create discussions and form study groups.
  5. Files: Powered by Box.net, this application makes it easy to store and retrieve documents in Facebook, so you can access them anywhere you have a connection.
  6. WorldCat: Use WorldCat to do research, catalog your library's collection, and share information with students.
  7. HeyMath!: These mini-movies explain difficult math concepts, so these are great to share with students or use on your own.
  8. CourseFeed: Take advantage of CourseFeed's class sharing, announcements, file storage, notifications, and more on Facebook.


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