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Geolocation technology is not new, but it is now commonly available in a growing range of devices like mobile phones, cameras, and other handhelds; at the same time, the software tools we use every day are beginning to include features that make use of geolocative data.

Mobile and web-based services can respond to geolocative data:

· Radar ( serves up local information like news, blog posts, restaurant reviews, etc.
· Buzzd ( is a city guide and social networking tool for mobile devices, including not only local information but also user ratings and tips.
· Mobile Twitter clients like Trak ( and Twinkle ( add the user’s location to tweets, indicate nearby friends, and show messages tweeted in the user’s vicinity.
· Collage (, lets the viewer upload geotagged photos, browse photos taken nearby, and see photos as they are taken all over the world.
· Mobile Fotos ( is another iPhone application that automatically geotags photos taken on the device before uploading them to Flickr.
· For those without devices that have built-in geolocative capability, a variety of free or inexpensive tools to capture and display geolocative data are available. The Photo Finder by ATP Electronics and the Nikon GP-1 are examples. Another approach is to use a specialized device like the GPS Trackstick ( that can be carried in a pocket or glove box.

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7 Things You Should Know about Geolocation
(EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, 27 August 2008.) This article provides a concise description of geolocation as it relates to tagging media, suggests educational applications, and discusses opportunities and concerns related to geolocation.