Maps, etc.treasure_map_sample.gif

Google - create unlimited maps with annotated locations
Community Walk - create maps for your own community
For example, Calgary
Quikmaps - annotate and mark up maps
Gmap - create maps with addresses and latitudes/longitudes
Literature trip - Google Earth literature field trip
3d_map.jpgUsing Google Maps to Create Google Earth Files - **Part 1**
Using Google Maps to Create Google Earth Files - **Part 2**
Google Earth by Joe Wood with amazing resources, lessons, ideas, blogs, websites, feaures, file creation...


Mapwing - build and share virtual tours
For example, St. Joe's UofA


Create a graph - five different graphs and charts for you to consider (bar, line, area, pie, XY)
Ideas on how to use
Have students create a mapped journal of an historic trip.
Have students create a “virtual field trip” based on a class field trip.
Have students create a map of a science process (e.g./ where garbage goes or the path of a can as it goes to be recycled).
Have students complete a reflective health project, mapping places of importance in their life.
Have students create a timeline of a scientific process (e.g./ the lifecycle of an animal).
Have students create a year plan for the goals they would like to achieve in your course.
Have students add to existing public timelines on xTimeline.