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Google Docs
Slide rocket - make presentations online
Zuiprezi - non-linear presentations
SPresent - high quality flash presentations
Slideshare - share existing presentations
Glogster - Students can work individually or as a group to create presentations, share information, and interact with their peers.

Video Annotation
Bubbleply - add bubbles and captions to video
For example, Sample 1
Overstream - add bubbles and captions to video
KeepVid Enables you to download a copy of videos from such sites as YouTube.
EasyVideoDownloader EasyVideoDownloader allows you to save videos from the internet as AVI and MPEG4. With this free application you just need to post the URL of the video to the program and it will convert the file.
Zamzar Free online file conversion program. Type in a URL or upload a file and Zamzar will convert the file to another format. Zamzar will then send you an e-mail with the URL to download the converted file.

Screencast-o-matic - capture and post what's found on the computer screen
For example: Sample 1
Sketchcast - capture and post what's on a tablet or SMARTboard

Ideas on how to use
Use video annotation to have students analyze speeches.
Use video annotation to have students express an opinion on a video or news clip.
Use video annotation for formative feedback for student work (e.g./ video recordings of PE).
Use video annotation to create an instructional video (with written in steps).
Use Sketchcast to capture and post class notes online quickly.
Use Screencast-o-Matic to create an archive of extra credit work that can be used year after year.
Use Screencast-o-Matic to orally assess student work (e.g./ essays).
Use either to create videos for parents so that they can help their child with homework.
Use Sketchcast to help assess student difficulties in areas like problem solving (have students talk through their work).